Enter Your Dog in the Louisiana Sportsman’s Show Splash Dogs Competition

Dock-jumping competition open to all dog owners.

splash dogsWinter is drawing to a close and dog owners are looking for ways to engage their dogs physically and psychologically. As duck season closes, retrievers are looking for something to chase. House dogs are tired of being indoors, and they too are looking for something to do.

This is what prompted Tony Reed to develop Splash Dogs, which allows dogs to stretch out and see how far they can jump. And this dock-jumping competition is fast becoming one of America’s most-popular outdoor events!

The competition, which is sponsored by Realtree, allows dogs to compete for distance, diving from a dock into a 40-foot-long pool. No other outdoor event brings families and people together better or puts more smiles on faces than Splash Dog events.

“Yes, we add an element of competition, but we’re more about the family fun,” Reed said. “We have a set of rules, but we’ll bend them. If a dog doesn’t quite make it one time, it’s not going to hurt to give them back the toy and let them try to experience getting off the dock and feeling confident.

“It’s a great experience to watch people having fun with their dogs.”

Pet owners travel to these events from all over the region to compete. It’s a great new sport that everyone loves.

Competition is open to dogs of all breeds and ages, from lean Viszlas to shaggy Newfoundlands, all the Jack Russell terriers, Labradors and pit bulls.

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These days, Splash Dogs events gather families for a bit of friendly outdoor competition that keeps dogs happy and healthy while giving them a task they can feel good about.